Somatic Saturday

14th May 2022

10u - 12u 

This workshop will be leaning deeply into the world of somatics, the magic of self care and  intuitive movement .

And ways we can integrate them into our lives, our personal relationships and environment.

Change, travel, health scares, being in the midst of difficult circumstances, fatigue, worry makes us feel powerless and fearfull.

We will breathe, meditate, move and dive into self care practices that connect us to our truest self.
For yogis and non yogis alike.
Open to all.


Mounira Bazzi (LE) draws on her 18 years of practice and experience in the world of sports, contemporary psychology and yoga to bring students to an elevated sense of awarness that moves beyond the 'norms' of today's societies. 

Mounira's work is a framework for practical life change. An avid student, mentor and teacher, she combines her knowledge of the texts of Yoga and Tantra,contemporary pysychology and integral thought.

She specializes in Continuum Movement, Yoga Theraphy and Yoga Pyschology. She is currently Yoga ambassador for ThinkPinkBelgium and Decathlon Belgium.